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Taking the Guesswork out of Hiring...and More

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Last month, I posted a blog announcing the launch of a unique multi-faceted program for Dentrix practices to make sure they are realizing the maximum benefits of their practice management software. Specifically, Dentrix Mastery Tracks provides online learning and assessment tools to determine competence in various aspects of Dentrix. And all the tools are extremely easy to use?scroll down to see a sample test question and test results page.

Incidentally, I did a quick scan of available dental front office positions on a couple of national job posting Web sites, like Indeed and CareerBuilder , and was surprised how often I encountered the phrases ?Dentrix experience a must? or ?Dentrix experience a plus? in the job qualification bullets. Dentrix Mastery Tracks seems to be the ideal way for these practices to accurately gauge skills quickly, simply, and affordably--before an unqualified hire comes on board.

In the six weeks it?s been live, Dentrix Mastery Tracks has been a busy place. Not surprisingly, most of the test takers have been focused on the front office (assessing skills in the patient information, scheduling, and continuing care components) and financial (covering billing, receivables, and insurance functions) tracks. However, Dentrix Mastery Tracks also includes learning resources and tests on Dentrix practice analysis (Dentrix will soon offer the same for the its clinical capabilities soon?stay tuned).

As I did when it first launched, I encourage you to check out Dentrix Mastery Tracks for yourself. It really is a win/win?the practice hires and keeps skilled team members and those team members get the opportunity to increase their value to the practice and expand opportunities for advancement.


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