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Teeth as Symbol

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These recurring dreams apparently mean I am a mess?overly worried about how others perceive me, afraid of rejection and getting old, insecure about my abilities, not assertive enough. There are even ethnicity- and religion-specific beliefs about what these dreams mean.

So the fact that a recent survey found that more people fear losing their teeth than fear the flu, paying taxes, or speaking in public is not really surprising. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents to a recent American Association of Endodontists (AAE) survey indicated they were worried about losing a permanent natural tooth (just under two-thirds said they worried about getting the flu?this in a record flu season).

Also delving into interpretation, the AAE attributed this common tooth-loss fear to a simultaneous fear of root-canal treatment, experienced by two-thirds of the survey respondents. So, again not surprisingly, the AAE is using its survey data to promote the endodontic specialty and its upcoming Root Canal Awareness Week in mid-March. Aimed at consumers, the AAE is offering a range of resources to the public and to dental professionals to spread the message that endodontic therapy saves teeth comfortably and predictably. You may want to steer patients to a video that explains endodontics and why you are suggesting a referral for treatment.

I am personally convinced, and if it stops the dreams??I?m in. Or maybe I just need to be more assertive.

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