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The Myth and Reality of Online Patient Services

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Online services

  • Myth: ?Only IT savvy people will use the online services?.
    Reality: 65% of all users are over 35 years old, and 1 in 4 users are over 55.

  • Myth: ?Patients won?t trust the online systems.?  
    Reality: The number of online users taking advantage of these services went from 20K in June 2013 to more than 33K in September 2013. Steady growth is expected to continue.

  • Myth: ?These types of services will only be popular in the large cities.?
    Reality: 1 in 6 current users live in small towns.

  • Myth: ?Those in lower income brackets won?t use the online services.?
    Reality: It?s been shown that 1 in 5 users are from lower socio-economic groups.

  • Myth: ?Doctors don?t want online patient services.?
    Reality: 74% of doctors support online records viewing; 79% support asking health care professionals a question online.

  • Myth: ?Doctors don?t think their patients will use the services.?
    Reality: 96% of practices recognize that their patients want online services of some sort.

Obviously not everyone is using these services. Dentists will want to look at the makeup of their own patients to see if this type of dental service would be beneficial to their patients.

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