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Therapy Dog Soothes Dental Fears

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Molly?s owner and handler, Mary Reck, is a dental assistant at Applewood Family Dental in Woodbury, MN, and wondered if she couldn?t begin bringing in the therapy dog to soothe patients who suffer from a fear of dental procedures. Though a phobia of the dentist can be a life-long problem for many patients, the presence of a therapy dog can help.

Dog in Dental PracticeTraditionally, therapy dogs help individuals with anxiety or depression in hospitals and nursing homes?but for patients at Applewood Family Dental, Molly helps with phobias, root canals, and adjustment to the dental chair. Children and adults alike can request Molly?s presence when undergoing procedures, but thus far, the bulk of requests for the canine companion have come from adults.

"She's like a teddy bear,? said one patient.

While bringing Molly in is still a work in progress?she only comes in when specifically requested, as some patients are allergic to dogs?it?s benefitting both the patients and the practice itself.

"It's just a totally relaxed, totally different atmosphere," Reck said.

To learn more about Molly the Dental Dog, check out her Facebook page

Image courtesy of Molly the Dental Dog Facebook Page.

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