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Toothpaste Woes End With New Design

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new toothpaste tube

The design, an accordion-like structure with an origami feel, begins to collapse into itself, folding as flat as a piece of paper as the tube becomes empty. The tube remains freestanding with a flattop and bottom. 


?I researched how many products were out there just to solve the problem of squeezing toothpaste out and it just occurred to me, that we shouldn?t be adding more products, but rather redesigning what we already have,? Pannuzzo said. 


The toothpaste tube isn?t the only design piece that Pannuzzo is tackling. She is also making her mark on Colgate's logo that, according to Pannuzzo, doesn?t stand out compared enough when compared to the rest of the toothpastes it sits next to on the shelf. 


?If you look up their history, the original logo is based off of a ribbon, which I didn?t get from their current packaging,? she said.


Colgate is reportedly showing some interest in Pannuzzo's creation ? potentially ending the dreaded toothpaste conundrum that we all have inevitably faced. 

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