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Years after graduation, I received a sample of Traxodent, a hemostatic retraction system similar to Expasyl, but in a simple syringe system, similar to flowable composite. I began to test it on some of the worst bleeders and Traxodent was nearly perfect. It pushed the tissue aside, controlled the bleeding, and was an easy clean-up that did not induce more hemorrhaging to remove. You only need to syringe the material around the margins and have a patient bite on the custom Traxodent-designed cotton roll for one minute, rinse, and impress.

As a fan of Isolite, I have even placed Traxodent without the use of the fancy cotton roll and still produced a quality impression. The only negative thing I can say about this product is the taste, which I can only tell you from second hand facial expressions of my patients during the unfortunate minute they are trapped with the material in their mouths. You always could identify the dental patient troopers in the chair, who never uttered a sound from the Traxodent; they are the ones you have to really appreciate.

Despite all the cord that remains in my drawers and our long history together, Traxodent has stolen my heart. I?m not sure if I could ever go back to the old days. You should take a look in your cabinets and drawers, as there, too, could be this magical syringe that takes your breath away (and if it doesn?t, don?t worry; I would be more than happy to take it off your hands. Want not, waste not.) If you don?t have one, keep an eye on the mail, as I did see a recent mailer offering a free sample by requesting it online with their promotion code.

Thu Tran, DDS, has been in private practice in north Dallas (near Carrollton) since 2005, and she is a member of the AGD and AACD. She is also a product evaluator for Dental Product Shopper.

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