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Try, Buy, & ROI: DUX Dental ZONEfree

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Q: Please explain why you would or would not purchase this product?

A: I would use this product for a number of reasons: first it is highly cosmetic so you can use it in the anterior in addition to the posterior area of the mouth. What this means for a practice owner is that you dont have to have a supply of different types of provisional cement. It's healthy, Triclosan free, easy to clean up, and it does not irritate the tissue.

Q: Please describe how you feel this product performed in terms of ease of use, retention, sensitivity, and esthetics/final result?

A: In terms of cosmetics, hands down, it is my go-to. In terms of treating chemically sensitive patients, its a slam dunk. In terms of retention, it is an 8 of 10.

Q: How has this product performed compared to other cements that you have used?

A: Not as retentive as other temporary cements, but I understand that to encompass all the other components, it falls slightly shy on the retentive end for example in only preparations with absolutely no retention. To ZONEfree's credit, for these only preparations, no temporary cement that I have used can be clinically ideal as in those situations, I have to spot bond my provisional.

Q: Tell us 3 things about ZONEfree and how it helps you in your practice (on a daily basis)?

A: ZONEfree helps me in my daily clinical practice because I can be confident that it is cosmetic, healthy-because it's the only product that is Triclosan free, and I don't have the excess cost of having to stock various cements.

Q: What is the most important benefit of using this product?

A: It is very cosmetic-in provisionalizing veneers.

Q: Why should peers/practicing clinicians look into this product?

A: Because it is so easy-to-clean-up, offers minimum discomfort to patients, is highly esthetic, and also non-toxic.

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