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Try, Buy & ROI: Golden Dental Solutions WAMKey

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Q: When did you first use the WAMKey and how did you hear about it?

A: I started using the WAMKey 2 ½ years ago when I participated in a Dental Products Shopper review of the system. wamkey image

Q: Are you still using WAMKey in your practice?

A: Anytime I need to remove a cemented crown, we count on the WAMKey. 

Q: Please describe this product?s ease of use and its ability to maintain patient comfort.

A: I love how atraumatic this technique is.  I think I have used every other possible system on the market, including a very expensive pneumatic removal tool.  While each system has plusses and minuses, none is more atraumatic to the tooth and surrounding tissues, and none is more comfortable to the patient as there isn?t even a pressure that they feel or a noise that they hear.

Q: How has this product performed compared to other crown removers that you have used?

A: We love the predictability of the WAMKey. My assistants don't have to scramble for other instruments when this one doesn't work because it almost always works beautifully. It doesn't apply spreading forces to adjacent teeth like some crown removal instruments. It keeps the crown intact so that it is safely retrieved and there is no vibration or noise that the patient experiences. On a few occasions, when space is really tight, I have had trouble using the WAMKey on mandibular second molars due to limited access to the buccal. However, most of the time I am able to just make my access opening at the mesiobuccal and proceed as usual.

Q: Tell us 3 things about WAMKey and how it helps you in your practice (on a daily basis).

A: WAMKey benefits my practice in that it is quick, predictable and atraumatic and, therefore, less stressful than other techniques.

Q: What is the most important benefit of using this product?

A: To me the most important benefit of using the WAMKey is the crown is atraumatically removed in the quickest manner possible.

Q: Why should peers/practicing clinicians look into this product?

A: I have tried everything for crown removal and this is my favorite!

Q: How could the WAMKey help you increase office productivity and profitability?

A: The WAMKey is quick and easy to use which always lends favorably to office productivity and profitability.



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