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Try, Buy, & ROI: Ivoclar Vivadent Adhese Universal

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Q. Please explain why you would or would not purchase this product? 

A. I would absolutely purchase this product for several reasons. First and foremost, the universal application gives me the freedom to total etch when I need to, selective etch when it makes sense and self-etch the rest of the time. All that in 1 VivaPen means I get to reduce the products I stock; I can choose what system within my system is the most appropriate and I can switch gears mid-procedure without missing a beat. 

Q. Please describe how you feel this product performed in terms of versatility and ease of use. 

A. Versatility was solid especially in the normally tough to access slot preparations. I appreciated the small brush tips in those instances for sure. It might be interesting to explore a second sized/larger tip for larger preps to cover more ground more quickly. That said, I had 2 of those instances to the 20 slot preps.

Q. How has this product performed compared to other universal bonding agents that you have used?

A. Clinically, the VivaPen was the difference maker. Click and apply, as opposed to in and out of my patient's mouth and perpetually dipping was a pleasant shift. Theoretically, as I have not tried every other universal bonding agent and therefore base this statement on my research and understanding only, Adhese wins on its ability to be truly universal. It seems from my reading that most systems are fairly universal, but fall short on at least 1 major segment of bonding compatibility in and of themselves.

Q. Tell us 3 things about the VivaPen and how it helps you in your practice (on a daily basis)?

A. Universal application to the array of restorative procedures I do is huge. Efficient delivery via the VivaPen makes my life simpler and decreases product waste. Solid bond strengths that I've come to expect mean I deliver on my end and I have long-lasting restorations I can count on.

Q. What is the most important benefit of using this product?

A. The most important benefit of Adhese is it's truly Universal. As they say, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It used to be a must, but stocking multiple products is inconvenient, ineffective and costly. I'm thrilled to make that go away.

Q. Why should peers/practicing clinicians look into this product?

A. I?m a big believer in we don't know what we don't know. As dentists, we get comfortable with our process and change rarely comes unless it's forced. The VivaPen means change. That said, try it once and see for yourself. Easy multiple dips to the waste and although I'd love to tout the ability to shift bonding styles as a clinical situation might dictate, I won't push it.

Q. How could the VivaPen help you increase office productivity and profitability?

A. Two thoughts: First, our most valuable resource is our time. Add up the time it takes to dip and re-dip into a well full of bonding agent on one patient. Then multiply that by how many patients you see in a day, a week, a month and a year. Then ask yourself what it would be like to cut that time in half. Second, if the first point makes you dizzy, do this. Ask yourself 2 questions: have you ever had the pit in your stomach when your assistant expressed enough bonding agent for three teeth when you were working on one? And how many times have you looked at that well on your last dip and cringed with how much material you were going to waste? I'd ask you how you felt, but I know already. Decrease your time and your waste, do great dentistry and keep the money out of the trash and in your pocket.


David Rice, DDS, is the founder of igniteDDS, an online educational resource who?s goal is to build the bridge between dental school and tomorrow's most successful, quality-conscious private practices. Dr. Rice is also a private practitioner in East Amherst, NY, educator, author, and mentor.

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