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Try, Buy, & ROI: VOCO Futurabond U

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Q. Please explain why you purchased this product?

A. The first time I used VOCO?s Furturabond U was in a product evaluation for Dental Product Shopper.

Q. Please describe how you feel this product performed in terms of ease of use and strength?

A. Futurabond U performed very well when considering ease of use. The single dose packs were simple to activate and they ensured consistency of the material which resulted in consistent bond strength each time the material was used.

Q. How has this product performed compared to other bonding agents that you have used?

A. This bonding agent performed much better than other bonding agents that I have used in that my patients experienced zero postoperative sensitivity. Additionally, the single dose packs took less time to dispense and use than a bottle system. The single dose system also minimized waste.

Q. Tell us 3 things about Futurabond U and how it helps you in your practice (on a daily basis)?

A. Futurabond U saves time, ensures consistent results, and because it has the flexibility to be used in a variety of clinical situations, it reduces stress. This material can be used as self-etch, selective etch, or total etch.

Q. What is the most important benefit of using this product?

A. The most important benefit of using Futurabond U is it?s simplistic versatility. Futurabond U can be used with light-cured materials, self-cure materials, or dual-cured materials. It also bonds to many different surfaces without the need for a primer.

Q. Why should peers/practicing clinicians look into this product?

A. Clinicians who want to simplify their bonding protocol should consider incorporating Futurabond U into their clinical material choices.

Q. Have you repurchased this product?

A. Yes, I have repurchased this product.  

For the product evaluation click here.

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