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Uber-Luxurious Toothbrush with an Uber-Crazy Price

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4200 dollar reinast tothbrush

German company is appealing to one-percenters globally with a $4200 titanium manual toothbrush. REINAST is the company  AND the toothbrush. Here are some highlights of this premium oral care instrument:

? It is constructed with only titanium of the highest grade for biocompatibility, light weight, and high strength.

? A safe, durable antibacterial layer protects the most important part of the brush?between the socket and the interchangeable bristle head.

? The only replaceable element is the bristle head. Included in the purchase price?again I mention, $4200?is the automatic delivery of 5 new bristle heads every 6 months. I assume this is in perpetuity?

? Four designer ?editions? (read: colors) are available: titanium, rose, matte black, and (of course) champagne.

? For customers who ?might perceive the first contact with titanium as unfamiliar,? REINAST offers plastic bumpers that provide a familiar brushing sensation without imposing any limitations on the beauty or function. Not surprisingly, these are color coordinated, too.

Want to learn more? Check out REINAST?s classy web site  and other mentions in such venerable media outlets as GQ, Forbes, Gizmodo, and CNBC. Incidentally, I can?t tell for sure, but I think it comes with an architectural holder that is a curvy work of art.

And family?...My birthday is next month.

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