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Unique Toothpicks Pack a Flavor Punch

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PhoodStation has created Castor, a modernized toothpick with gastronomic flavor pairings and a new, innovative design that makes the original toothpick a thing of the past.

With 438 backers and more than $38,000 raised on Kickstarter, Castor should be ready for launch sometime around October. Castor features high-quality wood and has multiple uses, ranging from individual use, sharing with friends, between teeth cleaning, or as a flavor enhancer for hors d'oeuvres and beverages. 

The 10 unique flavors include habanero and honey, bacon and maple, raspberry and wasabi, dill pickle and mustard, root beer and fir, ginger and pineapple, marshmallow and smoke, sake and blueberry, kumquat and beet, and basil and strawberry.

?We started this project with 5 objectives: 1) We wanted to revamp the toothpick image and premiumize the product; 2) the ingredients used for flavoring the picks needed to be all-natural ingredients; 3) packaging was important as it needed to make the content more shareable and be perfectly pocket sized 4) the combination of flavors were to be balanced but still be kick-ass; and last but not least 5) the product was going to be made in Canada,? according to the Kickstarter description.

To find out more information or to watch their Kickstarter campaign video, click here

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