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V3 Rings Mean Rock Solid Posterior Composite Contacts

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But, the one device that has helped a lot is a sectional matrix system that incorporates a 'G-ring' or a ring with tines that engage the facial and lingual embrasures creating a separating or wedging force. One issue with the G-rings is using them in combination with a wedge (to seal the matrix against the gingival margin of the proximal box). The G-ring tines would interfere with the wedge, or it would be the other way around. Basically, they were reluctant partners in the system.

The V3 Ring system, by Triodent, is an ingenious modification of this device. Instead of a single tine to create the wedging force, they split it into a 'V' creating space for a wedge right through the middle. But, the folks at Triodent didn't stop there: they created a sectional matrix that is anatomically contoured. In the kit, you'll find 3 sizes: premolar, molar, and molar with a gingival extension. The matrix also has 3 little holes strategically located to make removing the band easy, and you'll need that help, because the contact WILL be tight. Of course, the system comes with a special pair of pliers that engage those little holes.

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