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Washington State Runs Great Dental Campaign

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Billing itself as ?A Website Specifically Designed For People With Teeth,? the website details the cost savings that come from good oral care, allows individuals to compare their oral hygiene habits to other adults in Washington, and to share the information on the website. 

Mighty Mouth Campaign

Whether it be the hilarious, but informative 'Lou the Tooth Fairy' video that shows patients how flossing can save your patients at least $2,000 (over a lifetime) for every cavity prevented, to a short article on 'Why Flossing is the New Yoga,' this campaign is all about helping people understand that oral health is essential to overall health. Instructions on proper flossing and brushing are also readily available, and questions for individuals to ask their dentists and demystify much of the uncertainty of a dental visit.

This is a great campaign and we?re excited to see what it does. Even though it?s targeted to the people of Washington state, the campaign has a lot of excellent information that individuals across the US can benefit from.

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