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I?m a simple guy and going to get a foot-long sandwich at Subway for $5 is often what I do when I go traveling by myself.  It?s predictable, inexpensive, and more than a foot long. Predictable means I know that from meal-to-meal I?ll most likely get something I like even it?s not the same sandwich because the level of service and quality of breads and meats is going to be the same. Inexpensive is a relative term related to overall value of the foods used, choices I have to tailor it to my tastes and the quantity. And more than a foot means I feel like I?m getting more than what I paid for. Put these 3 points together and it means that I?ll likely be a repeat customer.

On the other side, I went to lunch yesterday at a ?nicer? sandwich shop. The lunch with drink cost almost 3 times as much as the $5 foot long, but the atmosphere was more European, the breads more exotic, and it had a fresh salad on the side with fresh squeezed lemonade. Was there value here? Sure. The place smelled and looked great so the senses were going from the moment I walked in and the food was good, but it was an experience to be there. So I ask again, ?what?s special about your practice??

Are you consistent in the care you give and the way you deliver it? Is your team consistent in the way they treat your clients and are you delivering an experience (good, I hope) or are you just delivering on price? One thing I?ve learned over the years is that there is more than one type of practice that can be successful so I?m not going to outline what you have to be here as that?s impossible, but I would encourage you to try to be outstanding in some aspect(s) of your practice and you?ll find success.

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