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Winning at SEO, but Losing at Reputation? It can be Fixed!

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Demandforce will help you get those amazing 4 and 5 star reviews and in an independent way because this is an independent service, the reviews are highly valued by the search engines and allowed on Google searches. 

Demandforce asks the questions you are too shy to as. They send a simple form to your patient/customer after they leave asking them to rate and evaluate the service. You already know answer from most of your patients, but many of you have no good way to get this information public. Besides, how much do you trust the marketing material that you read that is produced by the company offering the service or product?

Just like you, patients want to read the opinion of others. Good and Bad (meaning even those 3 star reviews are worth something to you).

The patient surveys are just one of a dozen key reasons that you should consider using Demandforce.

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