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Your Office Lighting has an Impact You Didn't Know About

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A better option is to switch the tubes to full spectrum fluorescent tubes, as these simulate the wavelength of sunlight. Studies have shown that full spectrum lighting provides many benefits: headaches disappear and afternoon fatigue declines, productivity levels actually rise, the midwinter blahs disappear, and Seasonal Affective Disorder is relieved.

If your office doesn't already use full spectrum fluorescent tubes, you might want to replace the tube in your practice because it is an investment in your human capital. As everyone's productivity increases, you will quickly recoup your investment. You'll find that the gains will outweigh the expense. After one practice re-lamped their offices, the staff started referring to the lights as their "happy lights" because the staff still felt great at the end of the day- they left the office feeling happy.

Since there is no government standard, tubes labeled full spectrum may not be true full spectrum. Full spectrum means that the tubes simulate the wave length of sunlight in both the visible and the invisible wave length. Here is a supplier that we know has the correct full spectrum lighting.


Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is an attorney, has a Ph.D. in Wholistic Health Sciences, and has been a professional speaker since 1974. He has spoken to over 1800 groups and over one million people. He has earned the title Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. Dr. Teplitz is the author of 9 books. Two of his latest books Switched-On Selling and Switched-On Networking went to Amazon Bestseller status.

Dr. Teplitz has spoken to the Greater New York Dental Society, Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Association of Orthodontists, The Seattle Study Clubs, and the Virginia, New Hampshire, Northern Virginia Dental Societies.

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