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Your Practice's Greatest Asset

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The Dental Product Shopper web-site is an excellent web site where dental professionals can gain valuable insight on dental equipment, materials and practice management.  In addition to the technical information that is supplied by the dental manufacturers, there is information from product evaluations that have been performed by independent dentists and hygienists.  These product evaluations can help us save time and money by giving us insight on which products may be of value to our individual practices. 

As important as equipment and materials are to each of our practices, we must remember that we are providing healthcare to patients who, many times, can be very afraid of having dental treatment. Many dental management consultants remind us that our service to patients should be like the service you would receive at a 5-star restaurant or hotel. I have to tell you that when people visit these places they are not afraid. So, our interactions with people must be kind, confident, and comforting. Have you ever needed  healthcare? What was your experience? Were you treated with indifference? Or were you fortunate enough to have a provider who was kind and caring? Each of us is our practice?s greatest asset as we have the ability to set the tone for the practice as to how we want our patients? to be treated. Let?s make this a great time to be a dental patient in each of our practices!


Cynthia Jetter, DMD, owns a private laser dentistry practice with her husband, Donald W. Jetter, DMD, in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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