Blue Abrasive Points & Trimmers

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Blue Abrasive Points & Trimmers from Buffalo Dental Mfg Co Inc. are used for trimming and finishing dentures, temporaries, and restorative materials. They produce smooth easy-to-polish surfaces on both acrylics and composites. An added benefit is that the abrasive points on HP mandrels will not clog or damage acrylic surfaces.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Blue Abrasive Points & Trimmers

Points - Abrasive Pts Mtd #52
Sku# 200
Trimmers - Abrasive Trimmer Mtd #3
Sku# 260
Trimmers - Abrasive Trimmer Mtd #4
Sku# 270

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Blue Abrasive Points & Trimmers
Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc.
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