C1 Implant System

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MIS Implants introduces the C1 Implant System. Combining an anti-rotational, 6-position cone index, C1’s unique conical connection minimizes micromovements and eliminates bone resorption. The C1 Implant System Platform also features platform switching, which provides clinicians with ample soft tissue for esthetic considerations. C1’s unique thread design encourages initial stability at the coronal third and rapid osseointegration in the apical third. The advanced Dual Stability Mechanism offered by C1 combines the benefits of high primary stability with an accelerated osseointegration, achieving biological stability. Its specially designed final drill and geometry delivers minimal loss of stability over time to ensure longterm reliability. To complement the conical connection, the different widths and their respective abutments are color-coded for easy identification. The C1 comes packaged with the final drill, cover screw, and a PEEK abutment. —Bob Alaburda

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C1 Implant System
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