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iTero Intra-Oral Scanner


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iTero Intra-Oral ScanneriTero Intra-Oral ScanneriTero Intra-Oral ScanneriTero Intra-Oral Scanner

iTero Intra-Oral Scanner

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The time for the scanning sequence of the iTero Intra-Oral Scanner is similar to the setting time of conventional impression materials.

According to Align, the iTero digital impression system is designed to replace conventional impression making.

The manufacturer claims that the technology behind iTero allows the dentist to take a digital scan of the teeth and bite, make adjustments in real-time, and transmit the file to an Align-partnering laboratory for processing. The digital file is sent to Align for milling and the model is sent to the lab for creation of the final restoration. In addition, iTero now has exclusive interoperability with Invisalign treatment.

Precise Fit

iTero received a perfect score from the dentist evaluators with regard to fit of the prostheis. All evaluators rated fit as excellent. One evaluator commented that the fit was “consistent and excellent.” Another described the fit as “Perfect! Remarkable fit with little or no adjustment.”


According to the iTero web site, the learning curve on iTero is modest because a certified clinical trainer works with all new owners to ensure the practice is competent in its use. When the evaluators were asked to rate the instructions and training for iTero, 5 said they were excellent and 1 rated them as very good. One evaluator noted that the “staff have been available to answer our questions in a very short period of time if not immediately when we call in.” Another evaluator said that Align provides “excellent customer support.”


When asked to rate iTero with regard to accuracy, 5 evaluators rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. One evaluator said that they found iTero to be “more accurate than conventional impression methods. My margins are much smoother in the transition from crown to natural tooth structure than with impressions. I have had fewer remakes and the models don’t chip [because they are] polyurethane, which is beneficial to the lab guys.” Commented another evaluator, “There is little to no occlusal adjustment at delivery time. Deliveries are 5 minutes instead of 15 to 30 minutes.”

Reduction in Consumable Costs

When the evaluators were asked about the importance of reducing consumable costs when choosing a digital impression system, 2 said it was very important and the remaining 4 were neutral. The evaluators were then asked to rate iTero on reduction of consumable costs. Two rated it as excellent, 1 said it was very good, 2 gave it a good rating, and 1 said it was fair. One dentist noted that any reduction is “a wash.”

Overall Satisfaction

Five of the evaluators said they would definitely recommend iTero to colleagues and that they would purchase it in the future; 1 said that they probably would recommend it and purchase it. On overall satisfaction, 5 dentists rated iTero as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. When asked about staff satisfaction, one dentist said, “We fight over who gets to scan. [The] staff loves it [because] it is so much easier than impressions.” With regard to patient satisfaction, one evaluator said, “We get more positive comments from this one piece of equipment than anything else we have done. They just think it’s cool.”

Additional Manufacturer Information
The proven technology behind the iTero digital scanner takes it far beyond the latest gadget. iTero is a tool designed for everyday use, and one that will change the way you practice. Its efficiency saves time and money by eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional impression materials. Its flexibility offers full-function dentistry–even fixture level implants and orthodontics. And its ease of use means no powder and happier patients. There’s never been a better time to incorporate iTero digital scanning into your practice.

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iTero February 11, 2014


Fred from Salt Lake City, Utah

Used to be good and dependable. Initially, because of their excellent scanning technology, which did not require powders, and their open format, not proprietary digital files, they provided a very accurate model which was nearly indestructible. The laboratory had to really try to distort a die. They must have moved their operation because their service has deteriorated, they have been late with the scans causing delays in treatment, and they keep asking for additional scans when the scans they were given were without flaws. I have owned the system for over six years and have a very good idea when there is a problem with an image. When the capture is accurate and my machine indicates this, there is no reason for them to write back days later requesting retakes. They changed the software and it has been much less reliable than before.

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iTero after 5 years February 10, 2014


BoatDr from Florida

I have used this system for the past 5 years now and find it my go-to impression method for 95% of my crown and bridge impressions. What it will do is take impressions from quarter arch to full mouth impressions or prepared teeth and implants (when not doing a transfer). It can be used for digital impressions for some implant related crowns when using custom milled abutments. Does not require powder for the scans. models of thin or narrow teeth are much better for the lab to work with and gone are the days of the lab breaking off those preps and having to work from second pours of impressions.
What I have had to rely on conventional silicone impressions for are crowns to fit existing Removable Partial Dentures and fairly mesially tipped molar preparations. Additionally, teeth that must be prepared deeply subgingival are sometimes problematic and require traditional impressions.
Overall I would not want to go back to having to use silicone impressions for the majority of my cases. The choice of having a model made or having individual crowns made "modelless" is a cost saver.

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