CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse

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Oral BioTech’s CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse utilizes 4 of the 5 known cariogenic biofilm therapy agents. CTx4 Treatment Rinse contains neutral sodium fluoride (0.5%), xylitol, 0.2% sodium hypochlorite, and pH neutralization technology. The CariFree CTx product line is a total caries management system with products and kits designed to fit patient’s specific risks for caries.


Case Study

Case Study

Connecting Caries Risk Levels to Treatment Options

Caries disease is multifactorial. Whether the disease is expressed, causing damage to the dental hard tissues, depends on the patient's unique make-up of pathogenic risk factors and opposing protective factors. Carefully evaluating these factors for each patient is called a caries risk assessment (CRA) and will in turn help determine appropriate treatment options. Net demineralization or net remineralization is determined by the local tooth surface environment and depends on biofilm behavior, pH, and the concentrations of bioavailable calcium and phosphate. 1 Certain products can help push these factors to favor remineralization. This process is usually made easier by...

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CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse
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