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XRay Duplicators(7)
XRay Film Hangers(6)
XRay Positioning and Holding Devices Disposable(39)
XRay Positioning and Holding Devices Reusable(107)
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Accutron Inc
Cliktech, Inc.
DENTSPLY International
Dentsply Sirona
Essential Dental Systems, Inc.
Hu Friedy
Interactive Diagnostic Imaging
J. Morita Usa
Kerrhawe S.A.
Op-D-Op, Inc.
Palmero Health
Patterson Dental
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Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide
Procter & Gamble Company
Star X-Ray Co Inc
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Anterior Holder
Endodontic Holder w/Hemostat Tab
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Periapical Holder
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Snap-A-Ray DS Sensor Holder DENTSPLY Rinn Snap-A-Ray DS is an...
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Troll Dental's TrollByte Digital Sensor Holder requires only 3...
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Troll Dental's TrollByte Kimera Holding Device is designed to have...
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The Snap-A-Ray DS for Digital Sensors from Rinn is a...
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The TrollByte Kimera Film Yellow from Troll Dental is indicated for...
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The Snap-A-Ray Holder for e2v (CCD) and Schick CDR Sensors from...
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Super-Bite Senso from Pinnacle is a universal digital X-ray holder...
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Super-Bite® is a film and phosphor plate holder indicated for...
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The VIP Film Holder from Rinn uses the Versatile Intraoral...
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The XCP and BAI Replacement Parts- XCP Color-Coded Bite Blocks from...
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XCP and BAI Replacement Parts- XCP Endodontic Bite Blocks from Rinn...

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