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Bisco, Inc
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Cetylite Industries, Inc.
DENTSPLY Sirona Restorative
DMG America
Ellman International, Inc.
Henry Schein
Kerr Corporation
Pulpdent Corporation
Shofu Dental Corporation
Sultan Healthcare
Taub Products
Temrex Corporation
Voco America, Inc.
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ACTIVA base/liner is the first dental base/liner with a bioactive...
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IonositMicroSpand is a base material for composite and amalgam...
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Ionosealis a light-curing glass ionomer composite cement for...
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Interface cavity liner is for use under composites, prior to...
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Hypo-Calis a radiopaque calcium hydroxide indicated for use as a...
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Varnal Cavity Varnish is universally compatible with all...
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Copal Cavity Varnish protects dentin from acids released by filling...
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GlasIonomer Base Cement from Shofu Dental Corp is high compressive...
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Proprietary solvents in the varnish have both antimicrobial and...
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Copalitesolvent acts as a thinning agent when used with the...
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GC Fuji LINING LC is a light-cured glass ionomer that is used as a...
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GC Fuji Lining LC (light-cured) Paste Pak is a glass ionomer...

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