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Bosworth Company (A Division of Keystone Industries)
DENTSPLY Sirona Restorative
Doxa Dental Inc.
Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.
J. Morita Usa
Keller Laboratories, Inc.
Keystone Industries
Patterson Dental
Pulpdent Corporation
Shofu Dental Corporation
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Doxa’s Ceramir Crown & Bridge ushers in a new class of luting...
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Hy-BondZinc Phosphate Cement seals dentinal tubules and minimizes...
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FlecksZinc Phosphate Cement is used for cementing crowns, inlays,...
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IPS e.max Abutment Solutions Cem Kit includes a multilink hybrid...
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Multilink Hybrid Abutment cement is a self-curing luting composite...
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PeriAcryl90 High Viscosity Oral Tissue Adhesive is an easy to...
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PowerTemp is an automix temporary cement from J. Morita indicated...
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PolyCarb WaterSet is a water-activated polycarboxylate cement...
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PowerTemp is available in a 50 ml cartridge or a 5 ml mini syringe.
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ZOE (zinc, oxide and eugenol) is often used as a cavity liner or...
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FynalCrown & Bridge Cement is a zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE)...
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Tylok-Plus is an anhydrous polycarboxylate cement designed to be...

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    I’ve known Dr. Ron Kaminer for years. Probably more years than either of us would like to admit. Over that time, I’ve come to trust him when I have clinical questions. He’s always quick to respond and he offers great insight into products, procedures, technology…just about all things dental. In a recent conversation, he filled me in on the top 5...

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    Help BISCO celebrate its 35th anniversary and take advantage of their 35% off promotion! Over the past 35 years, BISCO has become a leader in adhesion dentistry and restorative materials. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, BISCO has built a tradition of excellence through its research and development, manufacturing, and...

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    DPS Editorial Advisory Board Member, Dr. Parag Kachalia, shared his feedback with the DPS editors about dental cements, specifically GC America's G-CEM LinkAce. DPS: How long have you been using G-GEM LinkAce? Dr. Kachalia: I’ve been using it for almost 1 year. DPS: What was the reason you started using it? Dr. Kachalia: GC America has always...

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    In a research article published in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, evidence supports the belief that bioactive dental cements may have the ability to seal marginal gaps. Results from the study showed that while 3 conventional control cements showed no evidence of marginal gap occlusion, bioactive and surface apatite-forming...

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    In the last few years, cements have become more diverse in the specificity of their applications. There are now cements for almost every application of restorations in dentistry. The advent of new chemistry has allowed the practitioner to selectively choose the specific cement for the material and the patient's state of oral health. For...

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    Dr. Polack, what are the top 5 changes you’ve seen in cements since you wrote Contemporary Dental Cements, An Inside Look at a Vital Dental Material for Dental Product Shopper in 2011? Not much has changed except I believe that self-etching resin cements are probably the most popular cements now. The biggest change since 2011 seems to be the...

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