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DMG America Luxatemp Ultra Provisional Material Luxatemp Ultra creates a highly esthetic temporary, with reliable strength and...
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Protemp Plus, the first nanotechnology-based bisacrylic material, was developed to meet the most challenging temporization situations. ...
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Centrix Tempit Unit-Dose Provisional Material Tempit’s unit-dose delivery system eliminates mixing while facilitating placement and...
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The Pelican Group GenesisTemporary Crown and Bridge Material Genesis Temporary Crown and Bridge Material features high flexural strength...
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Lang Dental Mfg Co Inc.'s Jet Set-4 is a self-curing provisional crown and bridge acrylic resin that sets quickly in 4 minutes. It...
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InstaTemp Max temporary crown and bridge material is a self-cure, bisacrylic composite in a dual cartridge, with an automix dispenser...
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Leucite crystals of a few microns evenly grow in a multi-stage process directly from the amorphous glass phase. During the fabrication of...
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The VITA In-Ceram Spinell Optimizer from Vident can be used for single unit anterior crowns and provides a high level of translucency. ...
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The Vita Ceramics Optimizer from Vident is available in 8g package.
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Coldpac Tooth Acrylic from Yates Motloid is a temporary crown and bridge material that provides excellent hardness, workability and crack...
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Coldpac Denture Acrylic Powder from Yates Motloid is a high quality product that can handle a variety of jobs including: replacing broken...
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Coldpac Tooth Acrylic from Yates Motloid is a temporary crown and bridge material that provides excellent hardness, workability and crack...

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  • Allison Walker

    Did you know that Centrix makes temporization easier with one of the most complete lines of easy-to-use, high quality materials? This line-up includes everything needed for sealing root canals during treatment, filling preps during extended treatment, temporary crowns and bridgework, inlays and onlays, and cementing using the right temp cement...

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  • Allison Walker

    I'm beginning to see more of those meal starter kits being delivered, or the remnants there of in recycling bins, in my neighborhood. It's a great idea if you don't have time to go to the store or a cache of cookbooks. It's amazing how this trend of buying a food kit, or a tool kit, or even a dental procedure kit has taken off. Dentsply Sirona...

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  • Allison Walker

    Twenty-five years ago, as I was driving to the train station on the way to my first ever dental meeting, the Greater New York, one of my crowns fell off! I was in a panic! I couldn’t turn around and go to my dentist, over an hour away from where I was. So I stopped at the first dental office I saw, explained the situation, and was seated...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Provisionals don’t have to look it. In other words, if I have to wear a temporary crown while I wait for my final restoration, I sure as heck don’t want to feel self-conscious about it, worrying that thing looks bad or that it’s going to break. GC America has created a material that takes away that worry for patients. The formula behind...

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  • Julie Cullen

    From what I can see, Ceramir Crown and Bridge Material from Doxa Dental couldn’t be easier to you. Dare I say I might even be able to use it? I shouldn’t cause, you know, I’m not a dentist, but it really does look simple. In a nutshell, you... 1. Activate 2. Mix 3. Apply 4. Clean up You can see for yourself in this video and this technique guide.

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  • Julie Schmitt

    What is the strangest thing you’ve found in a patient’s mouth? I think I 'opened a can of worms' when I asked our evaluators this question…pun intended! Read on to find out what ‘weirded out’ our Dental Product Shopper dentists and hygienists. The strangest thing I saw in a patient's mouth was a dead maggot under the tongue partially embedded...

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