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Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System
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Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System

Isolite Systems

The continuous illumination, aspiration, and retraction of Isolite helps to improve dental...

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ViscoStat Clear from Ultradent is formulated to be viscous while...
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Making a Good Impression Virtually every dentist will agree that...
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Henry Schein introduces RETREAT K cord which is knitted into...
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Ultradent’s Astringedent, a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution...
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Ultradent’s ViscoStat hemostatic agent is a 20% ferric sulfate...
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Ultradent’s Astringedent X, which is an aqueous 12.7% iron...
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Parkell introduces the Dryz Value Pack, a hemostatic paste value...

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  • Julie Cullen

    We laypeople (AKA, patients), don’t like to think about what goes on while you dentists are working inside of our mouths. My own personal distraction is to do the 9s tables in my head…9, 18, 27, 36…you get the picture. But you’re well aware of what’s going on and you need to be able to see what you’re doing. And while I don’t like to think about...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Inventors always have stories…of their failures and their successes. For example, Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before finally inventing the light bulb. And everyone’s heard of the several failed attempts at inventing a “flying machine” before the Wright Brother’s hit the right combination of physics and materials. The same is true of the...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    United Health Products Inc. has announced that Henry Schein is now distributing HemoStyp gauze to dental professionals across the country. The partnership is part of United Health Products’ effort to identify new markets and applications for its products, and expand its current markets. HemoStyp is a patented hemostatic gauze used for dentistry...

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  • gail weisman

    It was developed to help primary care physicians formulate real-time diagnoses for a variety of oral conditions. It’s The Smiles for Life Oral Health App, which includes user-friendly diagnostic modules and a risk assessment tool. Via a series of questions, the tool narrows down information on signs/symptoms as well as management. It also...

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    • Date: 03/19/2017

    Demonstration of the product EndoSafe Plus

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  • Brian Donahue

    Since its founding a decade ago, Dental Product Shopper has conducted peer reviews of more than a thousand products, thanks to the generosity of our loyal community of product evaluators—dentists, hygienists, and staff members who have shared their time and expertise for the benefit of their profession. Their willingness to test products in...

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