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Firefly Cordless Headlight System
Dental Product Shopper Best Product

Firefly Cordless Headlight System

Denmat Holdings, Llc

Firefly Cordless Headlight System is the first and only cordless solution that fits any pair of loupes. At only 28 grams, it is simply the most ergonomic headlight system available, offering superb...

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Surgical loupes are available as clip-on or full-frame designs, and are also offered in prismatic design. Dental loupes are available in...
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PeriOptix frames are designed by premium brand names such as Adidas, Hogies, and Univet, allowing DenMat to provide exceptional quality,...
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Q-Optics Through-the-Lens (TTL) Loupes are customized and uniquely built for individual facial and posture requirements.
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Neck pain is an epidemic among clinicians in all fields, and non-ergonomic loupes can play a role in this pain.
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This new innovation combines Orascoptic’s award-winning loupes with their award-winning headlight, and allows dental professionals to...
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SurgiTel offers 2.5x to 8.0x magnification, and the Compact Prism design provides the 3.5x to 4.5x range.
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The smallest and lightest ocular option, these loupes are attractive and easy to use. Contact your local rep today to try them for yourself!
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These glasses allow clinicians to sit up straight while viewing down and are ideal for dental work. Beneficial to people who are confined...
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Integrated coaxial lighting delivers optical clarity, and the shadow-free light delivers high-fidelity color. The Leica HM500 features an...
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This head-worn device is ideal for viewing x-rays and fine details that could not otherwise be seen with the naked eye. Additionally, the...
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For near viewing, the Task-Vision PL-25 (2.5x) or the PL-30 (3.5x) allows the user a comfortable working distance for close up viewing....
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The optics are quickly and easily locked into an individual’s setting so loupes are always perfectly aligned. By using Miltex loupes,...

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  • Marie

    Patients’ mouths have notoriously bad lighting. So bringing your own is essential. But does it really matter what type of light you use? Spoiler alert: Yes, it does matter. Having light in the operatory that is even, accurate and safe is important for both patient and dentist alike. While examining a patient, a dentist needs to be able to see...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Congratulations to the following innovative dental manufacturers for winning the prestigious 2017 Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Awards! And a special shout out to Orascoptic as the first company ever to take home three of the awards. The “Best of Class” recognizes innovative dental technologies, and the winning products are selected by an...

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  • Allison Walker

    The weather changes associated with fall and early winter, going from warm to cold and back again with rain and snow mixed in on a daily basis, tends to remind one of the cumulative impact that years of bad posture, wrong seating, inadequate vision and lighting, repetitive injuries, and long hours of working in one or more unhealthy positions...

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  • Allison Walker

    Hygienists spend the better part of an hour leaning in to get a good look and work inside the mouths of dozens of patients a week. That takes a toll on their necks, shoulders, eyes—and pain-wise, their quality of life. The concern for ergonomics now has a strong foothold in the dental profession, with maintaining neutral body posture the focus...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    You might have all of the latest technology in your office but are procedures using lasers or x-rays putting your eye-safety at risk? The human eye is extremely sensitive to wavelengths both in and out of the visual spectrum. Cornea damage, retinal burning and even early cataract development can result from insufficient protection. Many...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    SurgiTel’s SurgiCam HD is a loupe-mounted, 1080p digital video camera allows users to record and share procedures from the clinicians’ point of view. SurgiTel’s user-friendly software lets operators easily record and manage procedures while the plug-and-play design means there is no need to install complicated drivers. SurgiCam HD is great for...

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