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When introduced in the 1980s, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems enabled fabrication of immediate chairside inlay and onlay ceramic restorations. The evolution of supportive computer technology has since made chairside design and milling of complete, high-quality crowns and multiple-unit ceramic restorations a reality, allowing clinicians to offer their patients an aesthetic and long-lasting restoration in a single visit. 

The potential benefits of CAD/CAM chairside milling are numerous. The ability to complete a restoration in a single visit dramatically enhances patient satisfaction and vastly increases efficiency (significantly decreasing the waiting time between preparation and restoration delivery). In addition, the block material used for in-office milling is fabricated using reproducible procedures, which produce homogenous and consistently dense high-quality blocks. This eliminates the chance for human error that exists with traditional dental lab restorations and, therefore, also eliminates the chance of porosities. 

Because preparation and seating of the final restoration is accomplished in a single visit, CAD/CAM chairside milling eliminates the temporization process. Furthermore, when used with intraoral scanning, these systems can eliminate the need for traditional impression materials, further maximizing both patient comfort and practice efficiency.

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• Complete chairside and labside spectrum for block sizes of up to 85 mm• Grind/mill all CEREC and CEREC Practice Lab indications and...
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Delcam’s DentMILL 2014 is the latest release of Delcam’s open dental CAM solution, which is designed to mill all types of restoration,...
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With the addition of the optional 4-position ATC, the DWX-4 supports up to 4 different tool sizes for precise unattended milling of...
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DentMILL for Datron and DentMILL for DDL follow the pattern established by the DentMILL for Roland milling software. These OEM versions...
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Equipped with the precision and high performance components of the original Motion 2 five-axis mill, the entry level four-axis Motion 2...
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The DWX-50 streamlines the production process with 5-axis simultaneous machining capability and a 5-station automatic tool changer. An...
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The newest Intellifit version includes support for prepped veneers, and adds the Heraeus Premium digital tooth library; enhanced design...
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Odipal premium acrylic denture teeth are 3-layered characterized teeth from Uhler Dental Supply.
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The GALAXY BioMill CAD/CAM system from BIOLASE can help you exceed your patients' expectations. With a small footprint, onboard computer,...
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While the primary use for the system is for posterior restorations, Sirona"s goal is to funnel offices' anterior work to inLab...
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• Entire range of chairside treatment with up to 40 mm block size• Can produce inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, abutments and...
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Whip Mix introduces SinterPro, a nextgeneration Sintering Furnace. The furnace features 30 user programs and 4 stages, which optimize...

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    Henry Schein recently pledged $1.25 million to fund a groundbreaking new digital dental school curriculum that teaches computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Schein will partner with the American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation (ACPEF) to fund a digital dentistry curriculum initiative that will be offered...

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    Why not celebrate CAD/CAM technology with your entire dental team? In preparation of its CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration, Sirona is currently offering C30 attendees a great deal on staff registration. Doctors can now register 3 practice members with a 4th eligible to attend for free! Register quickly because this limited time opportunity runs...

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    Now, however, a block material is available that provides us with some very exciting capabilities in all-zirconia restorations. 3M Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia, the next generation of Lava Zirconia. Lava Plus high translucency zirconia material can actually be used for all-zirconia crowns as well as traditional layered restorations. The...

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