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Kerr's self-activating Tytin Amalgam Capsules are recommended for...
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Tytin Amalgam Capsules by Kerr are recommended for use with amalgam...
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Tytin Amalgam Capsules, spherical alloy by Kerr are recommended for...
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Tytin Amalgam Capsules by Kerr are recommended for use with amalgam...
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Septalloy NG 50 is a core build-up material made by Septodont Inc....
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Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy Capsules from DMG-America are...
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Premium Dispersed Phase Amalgam by DMG-America is a long-lasting,...
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Tytin FC Alloy Capsules by Kerr are used as a filling material to...
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Tytin FC (firm condensation formula) Alloy Capsules by Kerr are...
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RotoMix Capsule Mixing Unit from 3M ESPE Dental Products is easy to...
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DMG-America's Royale High Copper Dispersed Phase Amalgam Alloy...
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Tytin Amalgam Capsules, spherical alloy by Kerr are recommended for...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    We all agree that most dental offices dispose of amalgam, which is used in patients’ fillings. And it’s common knowledge that amalgam contains mercury and that mercury is dangerous to the environment. But did you know that dental practices are the main source of mercury discharge into publicly owned treatment works (sewage treatment plants)?...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Amalgam shows up in all sorts of places in a dental office. For example, there’s clean scrap amalgam that’s left over from a dental procedure and there’s contact amalgam that has been in contact with a patients, such as extracted teeth or amalgam captured in a chairside trap. And then there’s amalgam sludge, which is a mixture of liquid and...

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  • gail weisman

    Just surfing the Interwebs and came across a story that I feel like I should have known about sooner…. Three dental students in Saskatchewan have received accolades for developing a mercury-free metal filling material. Apparently it retains all the strength, ease of placement, and other positive attributes of traditional amalgam—and it may offer...

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  • Victoria Jordan

    …then I have an update for you! Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will delay releasing a final rule for amalgam separators for dental offices until the summer of 2016, almost a year later than originally expected. However, the extra time will allow the EPA to address comments on the proposal, including a few...

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  • Jack Ringer

    What is the most common concern most patients think about when they visit the dentist? PAIN! When it comes to pain, patients experience both the physical component, i.e. receiving the injection, and the emotional component, i.e. the anticipation and anxiety associated with pain. A lot of patients face the dilemma of having a conventional...

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  • Allison Walker

    The New Year is always a good time to analyze what worked last year and what needs work this year to make all aspects of your practice ring true, from its footprint to addressing staff concerns to the looks on your patients’ faces as they enter the building and leave after treatment. Balancing the highest quality of patient care and working...

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