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BioSonic Suvi
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BioSonic Suvi


COLTENE's BioSonic Suvi is an excellent power tool for upgrading working environments to new...

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COLTENE's BioSonic Suvi is an excellent power tool for upgrading...
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Ultrasonic Scaling and Irrigation Unit The Pro-Select Platinum...
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The PS-25 has higher voltage rating components in the circuit to...
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This unit can be used for general scaling, endodontic, periodontal,...
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They also have a large-diameter, lightweight ergonomic handpiece ...
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The tanks hold 350 mL of liquid, with easy-to-see liquid levels. It...
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The air-powered ScaleMaster features improved ergonomics,...
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The lightweight, portable Pilot is designed for maximum...
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The control unit features a compact, user-friendly design with a...
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The Hu-Friedy EMS AIR-FLOW S2 combines 2 devices in 1 for the...
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Introducing the PURE NEWTRON range of ultrasonic scalers from...
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Introducing the PURE NEWTRON range of ultrasonic scalers from...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    “I absolutely love this product!” dental hygienist, Rhonda McCrory, told Dental Product Shopper when we asked her to tell us about her experiences with ACTEON’s PURE Newtron B.LED XS ultrasonic scaler. “After 26 years as a dental hygienist it has refreshed my attitude towards my profession.” Just in time for National Dental Hygiene Month... Read...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Scaling has come such a long way. While there’s a still an important part for hand scaling to play in oral care, the opportunity to use piezo scaling can make a real difference to both patients and clinicians. For oral hygiene care, piezo scalers can make a big impact on the disruption of biofilm. For the clinician using the scalers, they offer...

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  • Ron Kaminer

    The number 1 reason dentists are sued in the U.S. is because of their failure to diagnose periodontal disease. What’s more interesting is that while many dentists have been shared their frustration with how slow their practices have been, studies have shown that 70% of them do not routinely use a periodontal probe on their patients. If they...

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    • Date: 10/25/2016

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Leaving a path of destruction from the Caribbean to the United States, Hurricane Matthew hit the southeastern U.S. hard as it moved very close to the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina a couple weeks ago. The American Dental Association Foundation wants to help U.S. dentists who were affected by Hurricane Matthew. The...

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  • Brian Donahue

    Hundreds of dentists, hygienists, staff, and students are getting more than a lesson in better dentistry at Booth 2000 during this year’s ADA show. By taking a brief, hands-on course in isolation, courtesy of Thomas Hirsch, DDS, and the team at Isolite Systems, graduates also come away with a free Isovac system. I attended Isolite University...

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