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1-part concentrate powder system cleaner designed to quickly dissolve silver oxide deposits and other stains from developer and fixer...
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Rapid Klene from Premier Dental is an automatic film processor cleaner that is designed to provide results in 20 minutes. Rapid Klene...
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Fixer cleaner concentrate for automatic dental film processors.
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Removes chemical stains from uniforms and trays left by photographic and X-ray fixers and developers Saturate stained area and allow to...
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Clean Image Sheets are bright white sheets used daily to remove residue from roller and webs that cause X-ray film to be grainy. A...
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Fixer cleaner concentrate for automatic dental film processors.
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Clear Image Weekly Radiographic Cleaner cleans developer, fixer, oxidation, silver and algae deposits from rollers, tanks, webs and...
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Pro-32 is a professional strength cleaning solution that is safe for all X-ray processors. Used monthly, Pro-32 is the third step of a...

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  • Jeff Lineberry, DDS

    Periodontal disease has increasingly become a topic of discussion regarding how it impacts our overall health and other disease processes. As dental professionals, we discover and diagnose this disease by doing a periodontal exam looking for “pockets” and taking x-rays that show bone loss around the teeth. We find periodontal disease in patients...

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  • David Broom

    Bad habits: we all have them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them. This is certainly true for network security habits in dental practices. Using unsecured Wi-Fi to handle sensitive data? Not securing your physical server? Not changing your network passwords? Every day that passes where you don’t change these habits is a day you’re...

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  • Allison Walker

    I like to ask dentists questions while they are working on my teeth and love it when they explain things to me. Initially, they are surprised when I inquire about something, but then it becomes routine for them to just start talking about what they are doing, how the materials work, why they use this one or that one. It’s almost like it’s a...

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  • Marie

    Kettenbach isn’t just committed to creating high-quality dental products, the company also is dedicated to helping dentists continue to grow in their field. That’s why the company continues to sponsor various continuing education seminars and webinars for clinicians—all for free. For instance, clinicians can learn about the role of dentistry in...

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    • Date: 03/14/2018

    Vista Dental's Chlor-Xtra™ is an enhanced 6% sodium hypochlorite solution designed for irrigation, debridement and cleansing of root canals during and after instrumentation.

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    • Date: 03/14/2018

    The addition of powerful wetting agents and proprietary surface modifiers enables it to penetrate into lateral canals and isthmuses by lowering the surface tension. Clinically proven to reduce post-treatment complications, improve contact & dissolve more tissue.

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