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Acclean Prophy Paste

Henry Schein has expanded its offering of Acclean Prophy Paste to include new flavors patients will enjoy.

Acclean Zero Prophy Paste

Henry Schein's Acclean Zero Prophy Paste is unflavored prophy paste that does not contain oils or fluoride.

Alpha-Pro Kids Pack

Alpha-Pro Kids Pack combines gentle, effective polishing and stain removal with child-friendly flavors.

BreathRx Prophy Paste

Philips announces the launch of the latest product from its ProActive Care line, BreathRx mint-flavored prophy paste.

Butler Prophy Paste

Butler prophy paste from Sunstar Americas is a splatter-free formula. Balanced polishing ingredients provide excellent stain removability and are gentle to enamel.

Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angle

Sunstar's Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angle with ButlerBloom contouring cup features built-in polishing and stain removal agents and no prophy paste is required.

Clinpro Prophy Paste

Clinpro Prophy Paste is formulated to break down as it cleans--from a coarse to a fine grit--providing efficient cleaning and gentle polishing with less abrasion to the dentin and enamel.

Crosstex Sparkle FREE

Sparkle FREE from Crosstex is the choice for patients during or after whitening/bleaching of teeth.

Crosstex Sparkle Prophy Paste

Sparkle from Crosstex is the patient’s choice with mouth-watering fun flavors in an advanced spatter-free formula. Sparkle contains 1.23% fluoride ion and is gluten free.

DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste

DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste

Mydent International

DEFEND+PLUS combines superior stain removal and polishing with splatter-free use.

DEFEND+PLUS prophy paste, from Mydent International, delivers superior polishing and stain removal properties in a splatter-free formula. The paste is gluten-free to ensure against allergic reactions and contains 1.23% active fluoride ion.

Dental Resources Prophy Paste

Dental Resources prophy paste introduces a new nonsplatter formula in the fresh European flavors of a frozen dessert.

Denti-Polish Prophylaxis Paste

Denti-Polish prophy paste gives great polishing results and is ideal for fast stain removal with minimal spatter. It provides added protection with a fluoride-enhanced formula that also rinses out easily.

Dove Prophy Paste

Pelican Group’s Dove prophy paste features a great tasting, nonsplatter formula that is tough on stains and plaque and less abrasive on the dentin and enamel.

Dove Prophy Paste

Dove Prophylaxis Paste from the Pelican Group, and available from Garden State Dental Supplies, features 1.23% fluoride in a phosphate mixture that provides excellent stain removal and polishing finish.

Enamel Pro Prophy Paste

New Bubblegum Flavor

Premier Dental Products Company is adding a new bubblegum flavor to their offering of Enamel Pro prophy paste with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP). According to Premier, Enamel Pro is the only prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP, which is proven to remineralize enamel.

Fang Dango

Fang Dango from Denticator is a children’s formulation of prophy paste packaged in a colorful, resealable bag of 200 unit-dose cups.


Festival from Denticator is an adult’s formulation of prophy paste that contains 1.23% fluoride and is packaged in a resealable bag of 200 unit-dose cups.

Gelato Primal

Gelato Primal from Keystone Industries is the only prophylaxis paste formulated with Casein (a phosphor-amino acid derivative) and Tricalcium Phosphate. This unique blend stimulates remineralization of tooth enamel.

Gelato Prophy Cups

Keystone Industries Gelato offers excellent flavor in a nonsplatter, consistent formula. This prophylaxis paste contains 1.23% APF with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents. 

Gelato Prophy Paste

The Taste of Success

Gelato Prophy Paste

Gelato prophy paste delivers great taste in a splatter-free formula.

Keystone Industries’ Gelato offers clinicians and patients alike a great-tasting prophy paste for an enjoyable hygiene experience. Gelato features a nonsplatter formula that contains 1.23% acidulated phosphate sodium fluoride with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents.