C&B-Metabond Quick Base, Bottle (10 ml)

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C&B-METABONDadheres to most surfaces you encounter in dentistry (cast metal, amalgam, dentin, enamel, cementum, acrylic or composite). Use the system to make fast intraoral ceramic repairs. C&B-METABOND chemically grafts to any composite. • Strong, durable, reliable • Bonds several types of materials securely • Backed by a longer clinical history than any other adhesive cement in the world • Repair crowns that have loosened, short posts, broken teeth, porcelain pop-offs, etc. • Extremely versatile ideal for dental emergency procedures • Quick! formula features a longer working time and shorter set time, optimizing efficiency

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C&B-Metabond Quick Base, Bottle (10 ml)
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