Celalux 2 LED Curing Light

Product Description
The Celalux 2 from Voco is a lightweight, cordless LED curing light. The light provides fast cures and a powerful LED of 1,000mW with an optional power light guide of 1,500mW. The device cures almost all composites, bonding agents and light-curing cements.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Celalux 2 LED Curing Light

Celalux 2 Antiglare device for light guide, dia. 7.5mm, 5 pieces
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 5/Pkg
Diameter: 7.5
Sku# 9083
Celalux 2 Curved 2 Light Guide, 45 degree angled, dia. 7.5mm, amber-colored
Technical Specification
Degree: 45 angled
Diameter: 7.5
Color: Amber
Sku# 9081
Celalux 2 Curved power light guide, 45 degree angled, dia. 7.5mm, white for higher output (1,500mW/cm2)
Technical Specification
Degree: 45 degree angled
Diameter: 7.5mm
Color: White
Capacity: 1,500mW/cm2
Sku# 9084
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Celalux 2 LED Curing Light
Voco America, Inc.
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