Celara Denture System

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3M ESPE MDI and Celara complement each other perfectly, providing patient satisfaction from only 3 patient visits and resulting in greater practice income. Denture patients frequently have trouble adjusting to new dentures, emphatically stating that they preferred their old dentures. This occurs because the techniques used to create new dentures do not adequately impart the attributes of the existing ones. With the proven and patented Celara technique, clinicians can eliminate custom trays and wax rims and get more predictable tryins than ever before. Celara uses the patient’s existing denture as a reference, eliminating preliminary impressions, custom trays, and wax rims. It enables dentists to predictably deliver quality dentures in 3 appointments, with increased patient satisfaction and minimal post insertion adjustments. There are currently more than 80 labs in the United States certified to support Celara denture cases, and this list is growing everyday. —Jason Schwartz




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