In-Ceram® YZ for inLab®- Block, YZ 55/:20 flip, 4/:Pkg

Product Description
VITA In-Ceram® YZ for inLab® are porously pre-sintered zirconium dioxide blocks partially stabilized with yttrium oxide. From these oxide-ceramic blocks enlarged crown and bridge substructures for the anterior and posterior areas are milled in the Sirona® inLab® unit. Suitable for adhesive and nonadhesive cementation Radiopacity Unsurpassed strength for highly stable, thin substructures High strength, attractive crown and bridge substructures (inVizion restorations) Mandrel fits compact and MC XL milling unit

PRODUCT OPTIONS: In-Ceram® YZ for inLab®- Block, YZ 55/:20 flip, 4/:Pkg

In-Ceram YZ for inLab Block, YZ 55/20 flip, 4/Pkg
Technical Specification
Dimensions: 15.5 mm x 19 mm x 55 mm
Mandrel: Type B
Material: Zirconia
Package Quantity: 4/Pkg
Size: Size 55
Sku# V59-554




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In-Ceram® YZ for inLab®- Block, YZ 55/:20 flip, 4/:Pkg
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