Ceramist Polishers

Product Description
Ceramiste Polishers from Shofu Dental Corp are designed for polishing porcelains and enamel. Ceramiste Soft PA and PB are used for smoothing rough surfaces and fragile porcelain margins.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Ceramist Polishers

Mounted 12/Pkg - Silicone Points Unmtd Whl 12 Pc2 Hp Pb
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Grit: Superfine
Material: Silicone
Package Quantity: 10/Pkg
Shank: HP
Shank Size and Type: 44.5 mm
Shape: Flame
Type: Green / Silicone : High Shine : Alloys, Amalgam, Composite, Gold
Sku# 563
Mounted 12/Pkg - Silicone Points Unmtd Whl 12 Wh6 Hp Pa
Sku# 564
Unmounted 12/Pkg - Silicone Pts Unmtd #8 Whl 12 Pa Grit
Sku# 595
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Ceramist Polishers
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