Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus

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Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus by Kuraray America, Inc. is a single-component adhesive primer used to improve the bond strength between resin-based materials and any type of ceramic restorative, porcelain, zirconia, alumina, lucite, lithium silicate, and composites. The simplified process does not require the mixing or the use of a complicated HF treatment and does not form a sticky film. It contains MDP, which bonds strongly to metal oxides and a silane coupler to bond with SiO2 based ceramics. This product has excellent shelf-life stability compared to other single component products.

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Clearfil Ceramic Primer 4 ml Bottle
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Package Quantity: Each
Packaging: Each
Size: 4 ml Bottle
Sku# 2550KA
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Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus
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