Clearfil Esthetic Cement EX - Standard Kit - Clear

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Clearfil Esthetic Cement EX is a high-performance, esthetic, dual-cure composite cement system that includes a self-etch, single-step, dual-cure adhesive and single-component ceramic primer. This cement is used for luting porcelain, ceramic, hybrid ceramics, composite resin and metal restorations. One bottle primer bonds any type of ceramic restoration with high bond strength. • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity with dentin sealing properties • Good color stability, stain and high abrasion resistance due to highly filled/hydrophobic composite resin matrix Standard Kit contains: 1 (2.3 ml) syringe, 1 (1.8 ml) try-in paste, 1 (4 ml) DC bond liquid A, 1 (4 ml) DC bond liquid B, 1 (6 ml) K-etch, 1 (5 ml) alloy primer, 1 (4 ml) ceramic primer, 20 straight mixing tips, 1 light blocking plate, 1 mixing dish, 1 white brush tip handle, 1 black brush tip handle, 50 disposable black brush tips and 50 disposable white brush tips




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Clearfil Esthetic Cement EX - Standard Kit - Clear
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