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The unique outer case delivery system allows direct finger control of the contents. It offers 1-step conditioning of cut enamel and dentin without rinsing and no excessive decalcification. Effective marginal sealing protects against micro-leakage. Kuraray, after inventing the world’s first total-etch system for adhesive bonding with CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM F in 1978, then invented the world’s first self-etch adhesive bonding product. CLEARFIL SE BOND is the 2nd version of Kuraray’s self-etch bonding agent, is still recognized as the gold-standard of bonding agents, and is the most widely used bonding agent in the United States. CLEARFIL SE Bond is a 2-step, light-cure bonding system that significantly reduces procedure time, while still providing excellent bond strength and sealing performance, resulting in reduced postoperative sensitivity.


Clearfil SE Bond Restorative Kit
Sku# 1985KA


Tried and True

Tried and True

Clearfi l SE Bond

Clearfil SE Bond Kuraray Dental?s self-etch bonding agent is one of the most popular choices among clinicians. Offering the first total-etch product in 1978, the Kuraray Dental name has become synonymous with pioneering research and development in dental bonding agents. Keiko Shoji, marketing manager for Kuraray America, noted that Kuraray?s popular self-etch bonding agent CLEARFIL SE Bond came about after clinicians asked the company to produce a product that would reduce postoperative sensitivity and technique sensitivity. CLEARFIL SE Bond addressed both of these issues, making it one of...

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clearfil se bond
I like this product, however, my only complaint is that the bond step says your not supposed to air dry the bond step. I sometimes like a thinner bond layer especially in the anterior. Due to the color of the bond it has a tendency to show I'd the filling shows through the facial. Also, I wish the bond strength to uncut enamel was higher. With all this aid I do like this product for general use.
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Why use anything else?
I have used Clearfil SE Bond for years and I would never consider switching to another product. It is easy to use, I have NEVER experienced a debond of composite material after thousands of restorations (unless there was a functional interference on the incisal edge of #8 for example). Buildups stay in place, and long term follow-ups show marginal integrity is better than expected. I realize there are newer products on the market, but why change when you are satisfied?
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Clearfil SE bond
I have used this product for a number of years and have been very satisfied with it.
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clearfil se bond
The bond is very easy to use. Patient are pleased with the lack of post operative sensitivity.
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CLearfil SE Bond
Very good material for posterior bonding and cervical restorations. Always use it in cases or patients where sensitivity is a concern. Great bonding to dentin. I do use something else in the anterior if there is a lot of enamel and not much dentin to bond to.
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SE Bond user for over a decade
I have been using SE Bond for over a decade now and am always impressed when I see composite restorations on recall visits. Very often, there is no staining of the margins. Also, I have very few complaints of post-op sensitivity. The product is simple to use and extremely effective in the long run.
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