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CLEARFIL SE PROTECT has minimal dentin decalcification, maximum marginal leakage protection, very high dentin bond strength, and low postoperative sensitivity.


Clearfil SE Protect Bond Bond Refill
Sku# 2881KA
Clearfil SE Protect Bond Primer Refill
Sku# 2882KA
Clearfil SE Protect Bond Kit
Sku# 2870KA
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CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

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Clearfil SE Protects & More
I have been using Clearfil bonding products for almost 13 years now, starting with the Clearfil SE Bond. I switched to the Protect because of its fluoride releasing properties and the MDPB monomer. I am interested in the long term clinical studies of retention of the adhesive. Clearfil Protect is very effective; experiencing no minimal dentin decalcification or marginal leakage, with very high dentin bond strength (according to studies), and prevents post operative sensitivity. I recommend Clearfil SE Protect to my colleges on a daily basis if they are not already using it!
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NO comp[laints!!
i have never had issues with debonds, as i feel most of the top company bonding agents bond quite well. since switching to clearfill se, and more recently to clearfill se protect, complaints of post op sensitivity have disappeared!!! there is nothing worse than having a tooth bother a patient after a filling, especially if it was not a bother before! thanks to kurary se protect, i no longer have to deal with this issue!!
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succes with Clearfil SE Protect
I have been a used of Clearfil SE bond for 10 years, primarily because of excellent bond strengths and the bonus of decreased post op sensitivity. I have been using the SE bond protect for over a month and upon questioning patients about post op sensitivity I have had all excellent results with my patients. Several have claimed the the post op sensitivity has been less with the last restorations. Have to say that a happy patient makes for a happy dentist.
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