CloSYS Rinse

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Rinsing twice a day with CloSYS reduces harmful bacteria and fights bad breath for more than 8 hours. CloSYS is pH-balanced and alcohol-free.




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Find out why Eileen Morrissey, RDH, MS, believes that CloSYS oral care products: • Are a consistently effective option for patients with breath issues • Represent a key component of home care to achieve and maintain optimum oral health   I first learned about CloSYS rinses and toothpastes about 8 years ago from a hygienist’s post on (an internet forum for dental hygienists), detailing her husband’s problem with halitosis. She helped him consider every potential source for his problem, but could not come up with any answers. They exhausted every avenue but finally tried CloSYS, and, “his breath...

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CloSYS Rinse
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