Color-Coded Probes, Probex CC

Product Description
The Probex Probe from Premier Dental is a double end instrument constructed of surgical grade stainless steel. The probe is lightweight and can be used for a variety of procedures including: gingival bleeding, attachment levels, anatomy configurations and assessment of periodontal pocket depths. Equipped with a simple stem handle the Probex Probe features color- coded tips for easy readability.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Color-Coded Probes, Probex CC

Color-Coded Probes, Probex CC - Double End - Color Coded Probes, Probex - Double End
Technical Specification
Handle: Simple Stem Handle
Instrument Name and Number: Probex
Markings: 3-6-8-10
Millimeter Markings: Color Coded
Package Quantity: Each
Style: Double End
Sku# 1003681
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Color-Coded Probes, Probex CC
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