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Coltolux® LED from COLTENE combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless, lightweight, pen-style design. Heat-sink technology reduces heat emission and eliminates the need for a fan. The slim curing probe is ideal for posterior areas and enhances visibility. Coltolux® LED has an audible signal every 10 seconds and an automatic power-saving sleep mode. Its high capacity battery charger provides hundreds of cures per full charge.




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All in all, this is a nice product, and an excellent value- it is fairly inexpernsive, so one can be in each operatory. It offers a high quality cure light at an attractive price- to be certain, there are curing lights on the market with a lot more bells and wistles, but it suits out office fine for everyday procedures.
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Compact and easy to use
I've had four of these lights for 6 years and even taken them on trips. They are very handy. They cure very well in 20 seconds, are lightweight, easy to handle and are easy to keep clean with plastic sleeve. They retain a charge for at least an entire day. I have recently purchased Coltene's new Spec-3 (similar to Valo) and like it very much as well except that I prefer the size and weight of the Coltolux better.
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Coltolux LED
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