Comfi-Tip Foam Tips, 100/:Pkg

Product Description
Comfi-Tip Foam Tips from Almore Mfg Company feature open foam cells that provide alternate pathways for the vacuum resulting in a constant and gentle suction. The enlarged area exposed to the vacuum prevents contaminated aerosols and splatter from exiting the mouth. These foam tips are a simple solution to blocked suction, noise, tissue grab, micro laceration, contaminated aerosols, and unpleasant pressure experienced during oral evacuation.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Comfi-Tip Foam Tips, 100/:Pkg

Comfi-Tip Foam Tips, 100/Pkg - Comfi-Tip Foam Tips, 100/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 100
Sku# 15508
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Comfi-Tip Foam Tips, 100/:Pkg
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