Complete Amalgam Separator/Vacuum System

Product Description

Midmark has teamed with SolmeteX to offer a complete, all-in-one solution that assists the dental industry in achieving environmentally sound and regulatory-compliant practices.

Midmark now offers the SolmeteX Hg5 Series of amalgam separators in conjunction with the Midmark line of vacuum systems. The SolmeteX Hg5 Series of amalgam separators accommodates different size practices, up to 20 chairs. The Hg5 Series is ISO 11143 certified to a 99% capture rate. It has an established recycling process, is easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free. As a complete solution, the SolmeteX Hg5 Series and Midmark help eliminate the time-consuming hassle of 'shopping around' for compatible equipment.




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Complete Amalgam Separator/Vacuum System
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