ContacEZ Composite Strips

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Blue and Copper Narrow Strips (2.5 mm Wide): The Sub-Gingival Overhang Cutter and Cleaner. Insert these strips into the sub-gingival area of the interproximal space where overhangs remain after composite fillings. The thin, narrow strips will cut and clean out overhangs and polish the surface to restore a natural finish. Wide Strips (8 mm Wide): Black Triangles and Class II Composite Fillings. The Orange and Red Sanders are extra-wide composite diamond strips designed to prepare the entire proximal contact surface for composite restorations. The Blue Heavy Saw is designed to clean out excess resin cement from the interproximal space. These are the only ContacEZ Dental Strips that will allow you to use vertical pressure during use.

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ContacEZ Composite Strips
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