Copaliner Solvent

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Copaliner Dentin Varnish and Sealant from Bosworth functions in protecting the dentin and penetrates, fills and seals the tubuli. Designed to insulate against thermal galvanic reaction, electrical shock and prevent hyperemia, death of the pulp and discoloration. Restoration life can be prolonged with the use of Copaliner and its ability to provide a strong bond and excellent marginal seal. Formula is non-chlorinated, causing it to be scratch resistant and virtually insoluble in the oral cavity. Ether-based with a biologically mild formula, reducing post-operative sensitivity. Over time it will produce dentinal tags for improved performance. ONLY USE UNDER AMALGAM.

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Copaliner Solvent - 0.5 oz Bottle
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Package Quantity: Each
Size: 0.5 oz Bottle
Size: 0.5 oz Bottle
Sku# 921527

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Copaliner Solvent
Bosworth Company (A Division of Keystone Industries)
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