CORE-FLO DC Core Build-Up Material

Dental Product Shopper Best Product 2012
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Product Description
An excellent choice for core build-up, post cementation, and dentin replacement, BISCO’S CORE-FLO DC Core Build-Up Material is a versatile dual-cured, fluoride-containing core material. The material’s excellent compressive and flexural strength allows clinicians to cement the post and build-up the core with one application. The radiopaque material, dispensed with an auto-mix dual syringe, is available in 2 esthetic shades (Natural/A1 and Opaque White) along with a contrasting Blue shade to meet all direct and indirect restorative treatment needs. CORE-FLO DC’s ideal physical properties lead to no slumping, easy preparation, low shrinkage, as well as high bond strength to dentin, enamel, and fiber posts.


Technical Specification
Bonding Agent Needed: Yes
Compressive Stength: Light Cure - 38,580 psi (266 MPa), Self Cure - 37,855 psi (261 MPa)
Cure Type: Dual Cure
Dispensing: Syringe
Material Type: Composite
Other Core Component: Fluoride
Set Time: 7 mins
Shades: Blue, Natural/A1, Opaque
Tensile Strength: Light Cure - 7,687 psi (53 MPa), Self Cure - 6,962 psi (48 MPa)
Sku# A-23110K


Core-Flo DC Core Build-Up Material Bisco, Inc The versatility of dual-cured Core-Flo DC makes it an excellent choice for all direct and indirect restorations. Bisco describes Core-Flo DC as a versatile, dual-cured material that is ideal for core build-ups, post cementation, and dentin replacement. Radiopaque Core-Flo DC contains fluoride and is available in Natural/A1 and Opaque White shades, as well as a contrasting Blue shade. The high radiopacity of the material makes it easily identifiable on a radiograph. Fourteen Dental...

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CORE-FLO DC Core Build-Up Material
Bisco, Inc
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